Our story

Our mission

To create a little slice of Japan on the Sunshine Coast – a welcoming hub where locals and visitors return for consistently fresh flavours, authentic taste and simply great quality Japanese.

Whether eating in with friends or family, lingering with a special person and a bottle of wine or grabbing a quick bite on the run, we hope you enjoy a unique and refreshing Sushi Wave experience and the best sushi on the Sunshine Coast!

Our Story

Born and bred in Tokyo, owner/chef Kazuto (Kaz) Yuki spent his early years helping out in his grandparent’s eel restaurant.

A 6 month sabbatical in Perth in his early twenties studying English left a lasting impression and five years later, Kaz left Japan and a career in architecture to follow his heart back to Australia. A new country and new possibilities, Kaz pursued his life-long passion for cooking , honing his skills in some well known Noosa restaurants.  

Kaz Yuki - Owner and Head Chef at Sushi Wave - sushi Noosa
Kaz Yuki – Owner and Head Chef at Sushi Wave. Image courtesy of Karena Nuttall

The Yuki Family - Sushi Noosa
The Yuki Family

During this time he noticed a need for good quality sushi in the region. Sushi which paid homage to the deep traditions of Japan, starting first and foremost with respect for the way the rice is prepared. He also noticed a Physiotherapist from Melbourne on a 3 month locum at Noosa Hospital and married her 3 years later. It was the birth of their daughter which was the real impetus for Kaz to follow his dream and open his own business. Creating Sushi Wave was the perfect way for Kaz to find his authentic place within the community he loved and together with his wife Suzi they aim to create something special which gives back to the community and which connects their daughter to her Japanese heritage.

At Sushi Wave, Kaz proudly heads a full Japanese kitchen and dedicated team to dish up the freshest sushi and sashimi as well as mouth-watering salads and Izakaya-style hot dishes. His 10 year old daughter is already setting the tables.

Our Values