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sushi Sunshine Coast

Assorted Sushi

sushi Sunshine Coast

Assorted Sushi

sushi Sunshine Coast

Teriyaki Salmon Don

sushi Sunshine Coast

Pan Fried Gyoza – vege or pork

sushi Sunshine Coast

Age Dashi Tofu

sushi Sunshine Coast

Tempura Vege Don

sushi Sunshine Coast

Mixed Party Platter

sushi Sunshine Coast

Miso Soup

sushi Sunshine Coast

Prawn Katsu

sushi Sunshine Coast

Chicken Katsu Curry Don

sushi Sunshine Coast

Yakisoba Chicken

sushi Sunshine Coast


sushi wave – casual byo dining & take-away

Our sushi is freshly hand-made daily on the premises. All our meat is FREE RANGE. All our sushi rice is SUGAR FREE. Over 95% of our menu is GLUTEN FREE, including ALL our sushi. We use gluten free soy sauce (incl. take-away sachets), flour and breadcrumbs in our kitchen, and separate cooking utensils to avoid cross contamination. Brown rice sushi and vegan options are also available.


hosomaki – small sushi rolls

avocado 3.7
cucumber 3.7
cooked tuna 4.2
teriyaki chicken 4.2
fresh salmon 4.7
fresh tuna 5.7

chumaki – medium sushi rolls

fresh vege & tofu 3.7
avocado 3.7
tempura vege 4.2
cooked tuna & avocado 4.2
spicy cooked tuna & avocado 4.2
teriyaki chicken & avocado 4.2
chicken karaage & avocado 4.2
australian calamari & salad 4.2
cooked prawn, avocado & cucumber 4.2
pork belly, cucumber & shallots 4.7
fresh salmon & avocado 4.7
teriyaki salmon & cucumber 4.7
crispy chicken & avocado 4.7
australian crispy prawn & avocado 5.7
fresh tuna & avocado 5.7
brown rice sushi +0.2
inside out roll +1.0
mayo +0.5

nigiri sushi (2 pieces)

inari (sweet tofu pocket filled with sushi rice) 4.2
cooked prawn 4.7
fresh salmon 5.2
aburi salmon, spicy aburi salmon 5.7
fresh tuna 6.2

sashimi – slices of fresh raw fish

salmon (3pcs|6pcs) 7|12
tuna (3pcs|6pcs) 10|16
mixed (5pcs|10pcs) 12|18

special sushi rolls (10 medium pieces)

rainbow roll (salmon, tuna, prawn & avo) 18
sunshine roll (crispy prawn, aburi salmon & avo) 20
spicy sunshine roll (crispy prawn, spicy aburi salmon & avo) 20

japanese hot dishes


genmai-cha (japanese green tea) per person 3.0
steamed rice 3.5
wakame salad (pickled seaweed) 4.5
miso soup (with tofu & wakame) 4.5
edamame (boiled young soy beans with sea salt) 5.0
spicy edamame (pan fried with fresh garlic & chilli) 6.5
age dashi tofu (4pcs) (lightly fried silken tofu in a light soy broth with fresh ginger) 7
age dashi eggplant (5pcs) (lightly fried eggplant in a light soy broth with fresh ginger) 7
chicken karaage (5pcs) (marinated & fried – served with mayo & fresh lemon) 7
australian calamari (7pcs) (marinated & fried – served with mayo, fresh lemon & shichimi) 7
pan fried gyoza – vege or pork (5pcs) 10
australian prawn katsu (3pcs) (panko crumbed prawns with house-made miso sauce) 12

mains (all served on steamed rice)

tempura vege don (tempura battered mixed vege with teriyaki sauce) 10|16
teriyaki tofu don (served with green salad) 10|16
teriyaki chicken don (served with avo, mayo & fresh lemon) 10|16
chicken karaage don (marinated & fried – served with mayo, teriyaki sauce & fresh lemon) 10|16
australian calamari don (marinated & fried – served with mayo, teriyaki sauce & fresh lemon) 10|16
chicken katsu don (panko crumbed chicken with house-made miso sauce) 10|16
chicken katsu curry don (panko crumbed chicken with japanese curry sauce) 12|18
teriyaki salmon don (served with avo, mayo & fresh lemon) 12|18


yakisoba stir-fried noodles (egg noodles with veges and yakisoba sauce)
soba noodle soup (buckwheat noodles with veges in a soy broth)
udon noodle soup (thick white noodles with veges in a soy broth)
vege 12
tempura vege (soba & udon only) 16
chicken 16


(served with sesame mayo or soy vinaigrette)

green salad 7|12
teriyaki chicken salad 10|16
teriyaki salmon salad 12|18
aburi salmon salad 12|18
sashimi salad 14|20

sushi specials

wave pack (limited daily supply) 12
nigiri set with miso soup (6pcs – chef's selection) 16
deluxe platter with miso soup 27 | 52

party sushi platters (24 hours notice required)

vegetarian (30pcs|50pcs) 39|52
mixed platter (30pcs|50pcs) 44|62
seafood deluxe (30pcs|50pcs) 49|72
kids hosomaki platter (72pcs|104pcs) 34|55

byo welcome (no corkage for beer, $2 /person for wine)

15% surcharge on public holidays
prices and availability are subject to change without notice