Since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in North-eastern Japan on March 11, we have been overwhelmed by the level of genuine concern from customers inquiring after the well being and safety of our family and friends in Japan.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind words and sentiment. With a team of seven Japanese staff members we are happy to report that all loved ones are now safe and accounted for.

One Sushi Wave staff member had a sister living in the Tsunami affected area.  Unable to contact her since the earthquake, and fearing the worst, she flew back to Japan to search for her.

Yesterday we received the happy news the two sisters have been reunited.

Sushi Wave restaurant was established with the goal of making a positive contribution to our community and creating lasting bonds between Japanese and Aussie cultures. In circumstances like this we experience firsthand that we are all an integral part of the international community.

It concerns us deeply that  hundreds of thousands of people are still without adequate food, water, warmth and medical supplies and 1000s of children have been orphaned.

This Friday March 26th, Sushi Wave will donate all profits from sushi and hot food sales to a Japan relief fund.