I wanted to share an experience I had last year with Sushi Wave’s Miso Soup. Yeah, I know.. how do you have an “experience” with soup?? Well, trust me, and read on…

Last winter, my wife had just given birth with our third child, and at the same time, we had to move house! It was a very stressful period. I was exhausted from moving and working, and I felt extremely run down.

We were also extremely lucky and blessed to be supported by so many good friends, who brought us meals and helped us move in the weeks around the baby coming.  So one day Kaz came around to our new home with some food for us. Miso Soup and Sushi Rolls! I can’t particularly remember the sushi rolls, but they are always so tasty and fresh. But the Miso Soup, I will never forget!

Kaz had added some egg to it, which he normally doesn’t do, and I wasn’t so sure about. But one taste of this soup, and I leaned back to savour it more appropriately. It was just amazing, totally beyond adjectives.

Now, I am an atheist, and I’m not what you would call an overly spiritual person. But this soup went so far past simple nourishment, I was shocked. As I drank it, I felt a wave of energy and contentment washing through my body. In five minutes, I felt invigorated on a mental level as well as a physical one, and I was almost beside myself, blathering to Kaz how amazing this soup was. I felt like a total idiot. Here I was blathering away about soup!!

But the feeling remained. I was utterly reinvigorated that day from a single bowl of Miso Soup, and it was an experience I will never forget. Perhaps it was largely because of my extremely run down condition at the time, but for whatever reason, on that day, that amazing Miso Soup transcended simple physical nourishment and totally nourished me on a mental / psychological / spiritual (choose your preferred term) level as well.

These days, Miso Soup is regularly on the menu when we go to Sushi Wave. Of course, it has never quite lived up to the original experience, but it is always nourishing and tasty, and my favourite soup of all time :)

Geoff Powell