Yasu is Sushi Wave’s indispensable assistant manager, and he has been with us since the beginning.

Yasu is a conscientious and idealistic man and he chooses to lead a simple life. He has no TV, no mobile phone, no car, no microwave, he doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink alcohol (prefers plain hot water). Yasu wears traditional Japanese clothes regardless of whether he is on or off work.

His idealism and environmental consciousness is nowhere more evident that on the local roads. Yasu riding his pushbike is a familiar site up and down along David Low Way, as he has ridden between his home in Noosa Junction and the shop in Peregian for the last 4 years (although he catches a bus if it’s raining heavily or some familiar face picks him up).

Yasu & son

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He is also a man of many talents, even outside his obvious talent in the kitchen, including being a professional guitarist, and he has traveled the world extensively (mostly hitch-hiking). But perhaps the Sunshine Coast has finally been chosen as home, as he has an Aussie wife and a young son, and a second baby is expected in March.

Everyone has an amazing life story, and Yasu is no exception!