Sushi Wave is now an ecoBiz Partner!

In 2010, Sushi Wave was one of 17 Peregian Beach businesses taking part in an ecoBiz Business Cluster program. The Program ran for 8 months under the guidance of Emma Menzies, Sustainability Projects Officer, Sunshine Coast Regional Council and is designed to work with local businesses to help reduce energy, water and waste and adopt new eco-efficient practices.

As a result of achievements in reducing our carbon footprint we were recently recognised as an ecoBiz Partner.

Reductions in 2011/12 compared with two years ago:

1. Electricity usage reduced by 8%.

– replaced 9 halogen lights with LEDS

– purchased a more energy efficient 3 door fridge & a dishwasher

– turn off large display cabinet and appliances at the wall overnight.

2. Green house gas emissions reduced by 11%

3. Waste reduced by 39% (approx. 118 wheelie bins diverted from landfill)

– implemented recycling

– green waste and paper towels go to Veggie Village for composting.

We also switched to locally farmed free-range chicken and duck and locally farmed pork in an effort to reduce food miles.

We remain committed to improving our eco-efficiency and hope other businessess will be inspired to make some green changes too.

For more information on the ecoBiz program please visit