Sushi Wave proudly took part in a great Climate Smart Business initiative run by local council over 2010/11. Involving 17 Peregian based businesses, the program aimed to promote and drive eco-efficiency improvements in energy, water and materials as well as waste management.

Some of the changes Sushi Wave made were:
• Sending veggie scraps and paper towels to Veggie Village for composting.
• Diverting all recyclables from landfill. (approx. 21 cubic metres of waste)
• Replaced 9 down lights with LEDS more energy efficient and longer lasting. (approx. 9 years)

Other eco-efficiency measures already in place at Sushi Wave
• large sushi display cabinet is turned off overnight
• recyclable paper trays for take-away sushi
• brown paper bags instead of plastic bags for large orders
• use local free-range, hormone free eggs
• locally grown veggies whenever possible
• share the same suppliers and service providers with other businesses to reduce mileage

It was a fantastic, mutually beneficial program to be involved in.
We hope other businesses will be inspired to make some green changes too!

The photo below is of the mandarin tree planting event.